HSE Contact Number: 0345 300 9923

For emergency cases involving a fatality or multiple injuries in the workplace, you can call HSE on 0345 300 9923.

If you’re calling after hours, then call the HSE officer on duty on  0151 922 9235.

The HSE, or the Health and Safety Executive, is the executive branch of the government, under the Department for Work and Pensions, that keeps watch for the safety of all individuals engaging in work in the United Kingdom. They inspect companies and the work conditions of their employees and create resolutions and recommendations to make things safer. They also create the national rules and regulations regarding employee safety and health welfare in the workplace.

An adult spends about a third of his or her life working. Being such a big part of one’s life, the conditions of work should be made as safe as possible. The British government understands this; that’s why the Health and Safety at Work Act was passed and enacted in 1974, creating what is now the Health and Safety Executive.

Phone HSE

If you want to call the HSE up to report injury or a fatal incident, then you can dial the HSE phone number: 0345 300 9923.

If you wish to contact the HSE because of an emergency (fatal incident, a workplace incident resulting in multiple casualties, a major disruption that caused damage to buildings, roads and injured many), then call the officer on duty on 0151 922 9235.

HSE via the Web

If you have questions about their function and the information and services that they provide employees, then you can check out their FAQs here: http://www.hse.gov.uk/contact/faqs/index.htm

It is possible that HSE already have a few solutions to the questions you have in mind.

If you wish to report an injury to them, then you can use this form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/F2508IE

If you want to report a dangerous event or occurrence, then use this contact form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/F2508DOE

If you want to report an injury that happened offshore, then use this form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/OIR9BIE

If you want to report a dangerous evenr or occurrence offshore, then use this form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/OIR9BDOE

If you want to report an outbreak of disease in a workplace, then use this form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/F2508AE

If you want to report exposure to flammable gas, then use this form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/F2508G1E

If you want to report a gas fitting that’s damaged, improperly installed or dangerous gas fitting, then use this form: https://extranet.hse.gov.uk/lfserver/external/F2508G2E