Hertz Contact Number: 0207 026 0077

For pre-rental enquiries, call Hertz on  0207 026 0077.

If you’ve already rented from Hertz and would like to talk to them about some issues, then contact them on  0207 365 3369.

You can also phone Hertz on 0843 309 3109 for reservations.

Hertz has been in business since 1918. They’re a car rental company that operates in about 150 countries around the world. Within each country, they mainly operate at international airports but also have hubs in other strategic places. This wide reach is testament to how they were able to grow their business in almost a century.

With Hertz, you are given the choice of car rentals. If you prefer to cruise in a sleek sedan, they have that. If you’re part of a big group and would like to drive around in a van, they also have that. They have a wide selection of vehicles that’s perfect for any size group or situation.  You can make reservations for their cars online through their secure online system. As far as payment is concerned, you are actually given the choice whether to pay online or upon your collection of the rented vehicle.

Phone Hertz

If you’re feeling a little chatty and would like to talk to their customer service team instead, then call them up on 0207 026 0077. This is the Hertz phone number dedicated to pre-rental enquiries and support.

If you’ve already rented a car and would like to talk to them about issues you encountered with their service, then you can call them up on 0207 365 3369.

If you’re interested in renting a van and would like to make a reservation with Hertz, then call them on 0843 309 3109.

If you’re interested in long term rentals or rentals lasting more than 28 days, then call them up on 0843 309 3103.

If you’re a business client and would like to enquire about their services, then call them on 0843 309 3103.

You can also call Dream Collection Reservations on 0207 727 6969.

Contact Hertz on the Web

If you’re still unsure with their service and would like to go through some of the issue and possible solutions regarding renting a car with them, then you can check out their FAQs here: https://www.hertz.co.uk/rentacar/customersupport/index.jsp

If you prefer to receive an answer directly from them, then send them an email by filling in their contact form here: https://hertz-uk.custhelp.com/app/ask_web