Q) What is Harry Styles’ phone number?

For now, we cannot find a phone number for the One Direction bad boy, Harry Styles. However, you can tweet him @Harry_Styles and he may reply through Twitter if you’re lucky.

One Direction is arguably the most popular boyband in the world. They are also X-factor’s most popular product – even though their formation was slightly accidental. Nevertheless, they ended up making music that would invade the airwaves across the world. Teens love them and having their music grow up with them meant that their fanbase will just keep on growing. Among the 5  4 members of the band, one stands out because of his long-haired, bad boy, rebellious look – and that’s Harry Styles.

Harry Styles is famous for being a member of 1D, but he is also quite famous for being one of the Taylor Swift’s former boyfriends. It is even speculated that her song ‘Out of the Woods’ was written about their failed relationship. It would seem that flings are his thing, because he was also linked to Lucy Herobin, Caroline Flack and Nicole Scherzinger.

There currently is no published real phone number for Harry Styles. All seem to be fakes. You can connect with him on Twitter @Harry_Styles though.

If you want to send him fanmail, you can also send it to the official One Direction fan mail address:

One Direction,
Modest Management,
The Matrix Complex,
91 Peterborough Rd,
SW6 3BU,
United Kingdom.

You can also address it directly to Harry Styles if you want but there is some question whether he will receive it because as of February 2016, he has dropped Modest Management as his management team and signed with CAA’s Jeffrey Azoff.

CAA does have an office in London though at:

5th Floor,
3 Shortlands,
W6 8DA,
United Kingdom.

To phone the CAA in London, phone this number 0208 846 3000.

To fax this office, send it to: 0208 846 3090.

Jeffrey Azoff however is based in LA and Harry Styles has been spending a lot of time in LA, sparking rumours that he may soon follow in the steps of Zayn and leave 1D to pursue a solo career in America.

The CAA fan mail address is:

Creative Artists Agency,
2000 Avenue of the Stars,
Los Angeles, CA 90067,
United States.